Additional ConfigBox things to fix


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Back End Orders

  1. The Manufacturing slip for orders is not downloading / opening properly (see vide HERE)
  2. Invoice field is also not working (video HERE).
  3. Need to make changes to the structure of the Manufacturing slip. Downloaded manufacturing slip needs to look like this.
  4. Need to make changes to the Invoice field. Please rename the field to say “Customer Receipt”. Downloaded customer receipt needs to look like this.
  5. Disable/hide/delete from the list the following order statuses (we never use them):
    • Saved
    • Confirmed
    • Refunded
    • Quotation Requested
    • Quotation Sent
    • Incorrect Amount Paid
    • Paid in Unsupported Currencies
  6. Please add a 1 new order status to the list. Please call it “In Production”.

Page Layout (CSS-related)

Would like to make the margins of the page to be smaller, like 5% on the left and 5% on the right side, with the visual contents taking 90% of the width of the browser (when in desktop view). See image here. Will need to restrict the preview image from exploding in size out of proportions (and it obstructing the whole page). Maybe set the preview image to be 1200px in width at all times (in desktop view)?

Would like to change the number of thumbnails that appear per per row on the page.

On desktop view: 10-12/row (will have to see an example of each to see which one looks better).

On mobile view: 3-4/row.

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