Additional ConfigBox things to fix

(updated 8/13/21)

Shopping Cart page-related

  1. When in the “Cart” page, button “Continue Shopping” is not working. Please link to the Design my own page (


User Order-related

  1. We would like to make it so that the system does NOT assign order number to an order unless the order has been created, completed, and paid for (i.e. the order is in status PAID). For incomplete orders, such as with status of IN CHECKOUT, we would like to not assign an order number to that transaction. 

Order structure-related

  1. We would like to remove the option prices so that they are not displayed to the customer. The option prices are appearing in two places right now: in the checkout page, and when the order is placed and the customer receives the email with their order specs.
    • in the Checkout page: the prices are masked with the white font, LIKE THIS, to make it appear like the prices are not there. We would like to remove them completely. Just leave the total price for each item.
    • In the code snipped called  {element_order_overview_total_only}, (which we use in the email notification template to send to the customer the information about their order specifications), the option prices are masked there as well (i believe), or they were supposed to anyway (they show up on my end when i test). We would like to remove the option prices from there too, just keep the item total. See video HERE (first part of the video shows the location of the snippet, and second part shows how the order structure comes in in the email notification to the customer).
  2. We would like to modify the code snipped of the order overview, called “{element_order_overview}”, which is where order specs are stored and passed on to us after the order is placed (also in a form of an email notification). Prices are ok there, we would like to keep them, but we would like to modify the order layout a bit, so that when the order comes in it is easier for us to process. Please see details below:
    • here is the IMAGE that shows the changes we would like to make to the structure of the {element_order_overview} snippet.
    • Here is the VIDEO with annotations on the image above.
    • VIDEO that shows the location of the {element_order_overview} snippet.
  3. When the ConfixBog/Orders page is first loaded, please set it to that by default the order status is set to “PAID” and items per page is set to “All” (see image here and here). On the same page, if there is a way to add a column that displays the Order Total as well, that would very useful indeed. 

ConfigBox Page Options

  1. We would like to display the “Calculations” field on each Questions page, regardless on what the type of a question it is. Rights now is the Question is set to “Text Box”/”Multi line text”  the Calculations field is visible (See here). But once you change the question type to “Clickable images” (which is the option we use 95% of the time), or any other option really, the Calculations field disappears (see here).  It used to be available in the older version of CB, but on this one they disabled it for some silly reason. Could you please make that field visible by default?

Page Layout (CSS-related)

  1. Would like to make the margins of the page to be smaller, like 5% on the left and 5% on the right side, with the visual contents taking 90% of the width of the browser (when in desktop view). See image here. Will need to restrict the preview image from exploding in size out of proportions (and it obstructing the whole page). Maybe set the preview image to be 1200px in width at all times (in desktop view)?
  2. Would like to change the number of thumbnails that appear per per row on the page.
    • On desktop view: 10-12/row (will have to see an example of each to see which one looks better).
    • On mobile view: 3-4/row.
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